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We are taking the following measures:

  • Every hard surface is being cleaned with a diluted bleach solution every evening after close
  • Every surface is being thoroughly disinfected between every patient
  • Our office hours have been adjusted for the reduced volume
  • Appointments are being carefully triaged to determine their urgency

The measures we are asking of our patients:

  • We are asking for a +1 Policy. Only the scheduled patient +1 family member will be allowed in the office at the same time
  • Do not try on frames without an optician attending you
  • We ARE aware that it is allergy season, however if you present to the office with any symptoms of illness, you may be asked to leave the office immediately
  • If you are picking up glasses and contacts, please tell the front desk and they will ask you to be seated until an optician comes to take you for your dispensing.
  • Please be understanding during this time as the additional time taken for these measures have caused a reduction in our usual expedient services

Office Hours Until Further Notice

  • We're now CLOSED (doors are locked) until further notice. We are checking our messages, so an appointment can be made to either pick up glasses on order or if you have an ocular emergency then we will make arrangements to see you as our doctors are on call.

Contact lens patients: Your contacts are considered optional (not medically urgent) and we encourage you to wear your glasses if you are out of lenses until other arrangements can be made for you. For prescriptions that expired AFTER March 1st 2020 our doctors MAY extend your prescription temporarily at their discretion on a case-by-case basis.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. Thank you.

Huffman Family Eye Care Team