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COVID-19 Office Updates

Dear patient, regardless of your opinions (scientific or political) on the current crisis facing our nation, the health and safety of our patients and our staff have always been, and will continue to be, a top priority for us. Please be patient with us as we are working hard to define our new "normal." Some of our new policies we have implemented to protect you, some policies are there to protect us and our staff, some of whom have high-risk loved ones at home. We appreciate your understanding, and your compliance. 

As of Monday, 04/27 we have returned to our regular office hours. We are still CLOSED ON THURSDAY. 

We are currently seeing all appointment types. 

All patients will be asked to wash their hands immediately upon arrival to our office. Gloves are not a substitute.

All new patients will be asked to complete their new patient paperwork on our website prior to your arrival. Link: If not submitted before arrival you may be asked to complete our intake forms on your phone in your car. Keep in mind this will delay your appointment. 

You MUST call ahead (or text) and make an appointment to come into the office for any reason (even to see the optician for glasses) so that we can manage the capacity of the office, particularly as our staff is currently reduced. 

Masks are mandatory for all patients during your time in the office and they must be worn to cover both your nose and your mouth. Yes, we know that you hate them (we do too). Suggesting that they are unneccessary or that they "don't do anything" will not change this request. If you do not arrive to the office wearing a mask, you will be asked to purchase one for $2 or asked to leave. 

Please leave your family members at home. We understand that childcare is difficult right now however it is critical to limit those in our office to only those receiving care. Please do not bring loved ones or friends with you to the office. If you want your friend or spouse to help you choose your glasses... FaceTime them or wait until June. Minors under 18 years old may have a parent or guardian accompany them through the office during their care.

Please understand that as we are putting more space between patient appointments, our schedule availability is limited and filling up rapidly.