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What to expect at your I&R

So! You and your doctor have decided together that RGP lenses are the best option for you. That first custom pair has been ordered, and you’ve gotten the call, and made your insertion and removal (I&R) appointment! What is about to happen?

Before your appointment:

Arrive to the appointment with short nails, and a clean face. No make up ladies!

During your appointment:

You will have a numbing agent administered prior to a technician inserting your lens for you. Your doctor or fitter will then assess the lens for alignment, and movement, and perform a refraction over the lenses to determine a baseline for optical clarity.

You will be returned back to the technician who will teach you how to remove the lens first, and help you practice reinserting it yourself so that you can leave the office wearing your new lenses. For safety and liability reasons, you must successfully demonstrate your ability to insert and remove the lens yourself before being allowed to leave with them. If you cannot, one of the clinic staff will remove the lenses for you, and you can make an appointment to try again.

The technician will also review your cleaning and care regiment as prescribed by your doctor or fitter. Cleaning agents are dictated by lens material, coating, and each patient’s unique ocular environment. DO NOT DEVIATE OR CHANGE YOUR CLEANING SCHEDULES OR SOLUTIONS WITHOUT FIRST CONSULTING YOUR DOCTOR OR FITTER!

Generally, no changes are made to the lens from that first visit and you are typically scheduled for a 2 week follow up.

This appointment generally takes between 20-30 minutes, depending on how quickly you learn to insert and remove your own lenses. In the interest of your ocular health, we limit your practice time to a maximum of 30 minutes as anything beyond that, risks damaging the ocular surface. If you are unsuccessful, you can reschedule the very next day to try again.

If you have additional questions, or concerns please call the office (678) 324-4211