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So you’re considering making a change in your employment. What is important to you? Do you ever look around where you are now and wish your teammates cared as much as you did? That the people that worked next to you would pull their own weight? How about coworkers that are cheerful and upbeat with a positive, can-do attitude? Then consider joining our team! But, we’re not the office for everyone, and that’s ok too. If your idea of a “job” is: A time clock, a lunch hour, a paycheck, and vacation then we probably are not the place for you.

However, if you value dedication, integrity, learning, and excellence you might be the next best thing to walk through our doors! If the idea of facing new challenges, and solving new problems excites you, then you might be a perfect fit. If you are looking for an office team that supports and cheers for your personal and professional success, then bring it on. If you want to be the BEST optician, technician, receptionist, or insurance person that you can be… Come fill out an application. If you are a person of excellence, who cares deeply about the people you serve, and the teammates you work beside, then we can give you a new career if you want it.

We opened our doors in October of 2008. Over the years, we have had the privilege of training, and waving goodbye to so many people. Some have stayed and made us better, and many have gone onto other great opportunities. Although the learning process has been messy, through it all a few core truths have emerged regarding the teammates that have contributed to the success of our office. If you desire to be one of them, then take a moment to stop, reflect inside yourself, and determine if the beliefs and values described below strike a chord inside of you. If so, I can’t wait to meet you. If not, that’s ok too. Like I said, we’re not the office home for everyone, and that’s ok.

The High 5!

The following 5 values make up the High 5! They have grown from the heart and dedication of the amazing individuals who have made this place what it has become. We did not start off aiming for them, but they have grown to define us and we aim every day to adhere to them. We don’t claim to get it right every time, but these are the values that make this place what it is.

Excellence Whether it’s leadership and management, or optics and eye drops, everyone here strives to be the best in what they do. Some days our “best” is better than others, and we leave plenty of room for mistakes. But, a self commitment to excellence is shared among every teammate. This is NOT something that management can MAKE you do. We will never be able to make you care. This is something that only you can do. If you are interested in working beside individuals that have a deep desire to do their very best, then look no further. You have found your tribe!

This commitment to be the best means that this office has a culture of constant learning. There is always something new. Whether the doctors are explaining ocular diseases to staff, or the opticians are learning new things about their craft, each person here has a thirst to pursue knowledge and possess an innate curiosity. But don’t worry, there’s no midterms to pass.

Compassion Ultimately, this is a SERVICE industry. We care about our patients. Granted, some patients are easier to have compassion for than others, and some days you’re tired and stressed and it’s hard to care about anyone. But, if you are looking to join our office because you’re trying to escape a “customer service” life… Let me save you the trouble. Please don’t. Everyone of our patients has their own troubles and stories to tell. Not being able to see, no matter the reason, is frustrating and no one likes having to go to a doctors office. Again, this is not a quality that anyone in management can force you to have. We cannot make you care. However, everyone here cares about our patients as if they are our own family. Many of them are!

Integrity We believe in doing the right thing no matter how big or small the “thing” is. We believe that patients are taught to trust healthcare professionals, and because we are committed to excellence, we take extra care to deserve that trust. This belief goes beyond the basic, “Don’t lie, steal or cheat.” We make the extra effort to take care of patients by educating, and informing them on everything from ocular conditions to insurance benefits. It is the driving force behind how and why we communicate so thoroughly with patients to make sure they fully understand their options and choices. This value takes a lot of work and effort, but anything less is not acceptable.

Support No one suffers alone! Huffman Family Eye Care began from Dr Huffman’s desire to create a pleasant work environment. We spend 40+ hours a week in a 4000 sq ft building. We believe that it’s important to enjoy the people on your team. If you join this team, people are going to care about you, and it’s expected that you will care about them in return. In many ways, we value excellence so highly because doing your best means supporting your teammate. You bring your A game so you don’t let your teammate down. We believe in this value so highly that it’s the exact reason we do not compensate opticians by individual commission. Supporting your teammate means stepping up when they might be down, cheering for their successes, and substituting your strength for their weaknesses. If you prefer to fly solo, that is awesome too and we wish you every success but this may not be the best place for you.

Flexibility We are always on the hunt for “a better way.” If you get excited about trying new things to experimentally find what works best, then we would love to have you help us. Every so often we decide that what we’re doing isn’t working and whole systems get created or tossed because there’s something better. This very website is a perfect example of things created as a response to an emerging need. Management here is constantly adding/changing software, prices, insurances, internal systems, paperwork… You name it. If an idea has merit, the collective response here is usually, “Let’s try it! If it doesn’t work, we’ll change it.” This kind of thinking is a way of life in our office, but not everyone enjoys this value. Constant change can be messy. If the idea of frequent change in your environment makes you hyperventilate… Well, I wish you luck on your job search!

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