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Cameron Crittenden

How long were you on the team and when?

For a little over a year. From June 2018-July 2019.

What responsibilities or titles did you have when you were there?

I started out as a tech and worked in the clinic for about 4 months, before I moved to front desk, when the need for another receptionist arose. I would occasionally help out in the clinic from time to time when things got crazy or they were short-handed.

What did you learn while you were there?

SO MUCH! Because of this job, I intend to stay in optometric/eye care for as long as possible. Technical stuff aside, learning to handle unique situations and problems for different patients while keeping up our policies and keeping the patient happy was such a huge part of my job.

What are some things you wish you could have known before you joined the team? If you had known, would it kept you from joining?

Don't take things too personally. Mistakes happen and there are consequences. You are expected to make mistakes in the beginning, but certainly not encouraged to make them. Ha! People will bring your mistakes to your attention constantly in the beginning and it's so hard not to get your feelings hurt. If you make it a point to be careful, the learning curve doesn't last forever.

If you could describe the office culture during your time there using only 3 adjectives, what would they be?

Empathetic, professional, and family-oriented

What did you most enjoy about your time in the Huffman Family?

The support from everyone on the team. Feeling appreciated by not only my supervisors, but by other people on the team was such a huge motivation.

What caused you the most stress during your time there?

Definitely training at first. It get's less stressful as the job goes on. It can sometimes get overwhelming when asked to do multiple jobs by multiple people and not feeling like you can do them fast enough.

What are some ways that you think that the management could improve things?

Since I've started working here, management has gotten much more organized. There are constantly new rules or changing things, which can be difficult to get used it, but it's all in the best interest of the practice, patients, and employees. I think a warning for possible fluctuation in hours is appreciated. For example, starting out as part time and getting more hours, or starting out as full time and losing hours without being told exactly why or when.

How did the job match your expectations? In what ways were you disappointed?

The job exceeded my expectations. The pay was not amazing, but it was worth it to me to work in such a great work enviroment. I'd rather work somewhere I love for less pay, than to work somewhere that I hate and get paid more.

Would you recommend this company to a close friend as a good place to work?


What was your ultimate reason for leaving?

I relocated to another part of the state and ended up being 2+ hours away from the office.