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Emma McMillian

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How long were you on the team and when?

I was with Huffman Family Eye Care for a little over a year. I began January 2016.

What responsibilities or titles did you have when you were there?

I was a tech which I loved doing. I had the opportunity to work along side brilliant minds to learn more and more about the machines and the physiology of the eye. I learned a lot during my time at HFEC. Some of my responsibilities were to set up the room prior to the doctor coming to the eye exam. Also, I was able to run all the machines in order to give the doctor all the data needed to do his job more efficiently.

What did you learn while you were there?

I learned many things during my time. My favorite part was there was always something more to learn. Whether learning new machinery or more anatomy and physiology of the eye, the learning never stopped. Dr. Huffman and Amanda Bennett were fantastic teachers and were always open to answer any questions.

What are some things you wish you could have known before you joined the team? If you had known, would it kept you from joining?

Absolutely nothing, HFEC is an amazing work environment surrounded with people that become more than co-workers, but friends.

If you could describe the office culture during your time there using only 3 adjectives, what would they be?

Caring, integrity, energetic

What did you most enjoy about your time in the Huffman Family?

The family environment and friendships

What caused you the most stress during your time there?

It wasn’t a stressful job by any means; the only part that became stressful was dealing with difficult patients in a professional and caring way.

What are some ways that you think that the management could improve things?

N/A Management is great!

How did the job match your expectations? In what ways were you disappointed?

The job exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed every minute here. The environment that is fostered really makes it a fantastic place of learning and advancing your career.

Would you recommend this company to a close friend as a good place to work?


What was your ultimate reason for leaving?

The reason I left was because I started the nursing program at Mercer University. The summer before I started the program I was offered a job as an emergency department tech, which greatly helped with introducing myself into the nursing career.