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Mallory Garretson

How long were you on the team and when?

May 2017-December 2017

What responsibilities or titles did you have when you were there?

Ophthalmic technician - Responsibilities: pre-testing patients, recording chief complaint/reason for visit, updating medical history, medications, etc., testing visual acuities, extra testing, I&R visit.

What did you learn while you were there?

 I learned a lot about the eye and the importance of yearly eye exams. I also learned how to work in a medical office environment. While there I learned how to manage juggling several tasks at once and work the schedule to the benefit of the patient and the office.

What are some things you wish you could have known before you joined the team? If you had known, would it kept you from joining?

There really isn’t anything I wish I had known. I joined the team with an open mind and ready to learn!  I guess I wish I knew how to put contact lenses in before joining J

If you could describe the office culture during your time there using only 3 adjectives, what would they be?

Educational  - Fun  - Encouraging

What did you most enjoy about your time in the Huffman Family?

I really enjoyed the people, from teammates to the patients. I truly enjoyed the friendly environment created by Dr. Huffman, the team, and the patients.

What caused you the most stress during your time there?

The schedule of patients could sometimes be overwhelming but it seemed to always work out fine!

What are some ways that you think that the management could improve things?

 I think office policies for things like asking off, holiday time/sick days, etc. could be explained more thoroughly upon hiring.

How did the job match your expectations? In what ways were you disappointed?

I went into this position hoping to learn as much as I could and it exceeded this expectation. Dr. Huffman and Amanda were never hesitant about answering any questions I had about something that came up about a patient’s condition or how the eye works. I am even more thankful for them sharing all their knowledge because I was the ONLY student in my class who had any idea about the pathologies of the eye!

Would you recommend this company to a close friend as a good place to work?


What was your ultimate reason for leaving?

Beginning PA School in January 2018