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Revae Parker

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How long were you on the team and when?

I joined the team March 4, 2019. I was employed just shy of a year by a few weeks.

What responsibilities or titles did you have when you were there?

My title was Front Desk Receptionist and my responsibilities included answering phones and setting appointments, checking in patients, creating cover sheets and checking insurances.

What did you learn while you were there?

I learned all about eyes while working here, it was extremely informative and interesting.

What are some things you wish you could have known before you joined the team? If you had known, would it kept you from joining?

I can’t think of anything that I wish I would have known before coming to work here.

If you could describe the office culture during your time there using only 3 adjectives, what would they be?

The office culture is organized, knowledgeable and overall customer friendly.

What did you most enjoy about your time in the Huffman Family?

I enjoyed meeting new people and briefly talking with them.

What caused you the most stress during your time there?

The most stressful times were when both phone lines were ringing, patients were waiting at the front and I couldn’t stretch myself to all at the same time. Honestly, nothing was ever THAT stressful.

What are some ways that you think that the management could improve things?

The management is good, can’t complain. I would only suggest for someone new that other staff members try to keep them in the loop of patient outcomes and any staff issues.

How did the job match your expectations? In what ways were you disappointed?

The job matched my expectations. I was only disappointed that I was not able to get to know a few of the staff/doctors that well. Maybe lack of time or maybe personality differences but the ones I did get to know I have enjoyed very much.

Would you recommend this company to a close friend as a good place to work?

I would absolutely recommend this company to someone interested in working here.

What was your ultimate reason for leaving?

The ultimate reason for leaving was the opportunity to babysit my grandson and that opportunity is just about past in my life otherwise I would not be leaving.