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Apprentice Optician

Job Description:

Welcome to the jungle! So, you think you want to be an optician? This is one of the most demanding roles on the team. Every professional has to start somewhere, and every great Jedi was once a Padawan. Patience, grasshopper!

Opticians have been called, “The Bartenders” of the optical world because it is so multidimensional. As an apprentice, you will be paired up with an LDO as you learn the basics of order entry, insurance application and claims, and lab techniques. The knowledge and practical experience you gain will be directly applicable to the industry, as well as helping you pass the ABO written exam.

If an opening for an LDO becomes available in the office, then you may be asked to spend some time on the clinic side to better equip you to pass the NCLE and move you toward the Licensed Dispensing Optician for the state of Georgia.