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Insurance & Billing

Job Description:

Do you have a strong sense of justice? Do you like to protect the people you care about? Good! Cause you’re going to need it. Along with a healthy dose of persistence, follow through, and tenacity.

You are the one making sure that the ship stays afloat. Your mantra, your battle cry will be, “No one works for free!” Each of our people work incredibly hard, and you are the last line of defense to make sure that their efforts weren’t in vain. When patients and insurance companies say, “We won’t pay!” You’re the one that stands on the line and does what it takes to make sure justice is done.

For this war, the weapons you will require:

1. A rock solid understanding of insurance billing and coding. CPT, & ICD-10 2. I hope you have a close working relationship with Excel 3. A strong sense of moral, and ethical direction 4. Self motivation. Your success or failure is measured by the $$ you manage to collect, and we’re not big into micromanagement, so you should have a strong sense of self-governance and a clear picture of what needs to be done. 5. Gonna have to have some genuine computer skills. Most of the billing is done with various software, and a host of websites. Go keyboard warrior!