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Optometric Technician

Job Description:

You are the Watson to the doctors Sherlock! The Robin to the doctor’s Batman! Every great hero needs a trusty sidekick, and as every good hero knows, they can’t BE the hero, without an awesome support team! Every time a patient comes in, they see you before the “Great White Coat.” You are the one that takes their complaints, asks them the questions, collects all the information to set the doctor up for that alley-oop and slam dunk!

The three main traits of this position are efficiency, effective communication, and attention to details!

Efficiency: Time matters! No one wants to spend all day in a doctors office, and we really hate to make patients wait on us. Their time is important to them, so we want to make it important to us too. Now, efficiency isn’t all about speed. Mistakes in this role can have serious consequences, so it’s imperative to get it right, but fast.

We hold a fairly quick pace, so this isn’t your typical “office job.” There’s not much sitting, you’re on your feet, and there’s always something from the moment you clock in, to the minute you clock out.

Effective Communication: “The greatest misconception about communication, is that it happened.” You are the intermediary between the doctor, the patient, and even to the rest of the team. You must be able to communicate with all of these groups, and each one requires a unique vocabulary and knowledge base. A background in any kind of the biological sciences, anatomy, or physics will help you.

Attention to Details: The devil is in the details! Change one number of a prescription, and suddenly a patient goes from crystal clear vision, to being very upset because they “can’t see anything!” Mistakes in this role can have big consequences. If you like the pressure, then bring your A game. If this kind of pressure isn’t for you, then you might want to look at another position on the team.