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Sales Optician (LDO)

Job Description:

Ahh! The sales floor! Living the high life and making it rain! ….Yeah, ok… Maybe not. The sales floor is where it all comes together. Only the best of the best make it here.

Your knowledge of optics will be imperative to make the most appropriate recommendations for frame, lens, and coatings for each patient and their prescription. You will call on your training and creative thinking to troubleshoot when patients have problems.

You are expected to stay current on fashion both in the way you represent yourself to the patient, as well as the recommendations you make for frame selection. Frames are as much fashion as function. A style choice that is worn on the face for all to see is the ultimate form of self expression.

You must have extensive knowledge of a plethora of insurances as you will have to calculate the out of pocket expenses for each patient.

You must be familiar and comfortable with computers and all of the websites and software used to complete your sales.

Finally, the thing that makes the “great ones” so great… People skills!!!

Your listening skills and communication must be second-to-none as you discern a patient’s TRUE need beneath their words and decipher the message behind the babble. Solve a patient’s problem. Meet their needs. Take care of the patient. Compassion for the stories and frustration that each patient will bring you is imperative.

You must do all of this while juggling an ever changing and fast-paced dispensary with grace and dignity. We believe the mark of a true professional is that they can make something extraordinarily difficult LOOK easy.

But wait! What about sales?! Every optician knows about commissions! Do sales matter? Yes! You are rewarded for selling top shelf lenses and coatings in the form of ever changing “spiffs.” But, here at Huffman Family Eye Care we believe in teamwork. Commissions inherently pit people against one another. Opticians on the sales floor are expected to work together seamlessly to ensure that every patient is cared for, and every team member is supported. Failure to champion this core value, each and every day is grounds for dismissal.

Every team member is expected to bring their best every day and the higher you climb, the more is expected. This is one of the highest positions in the office behind doctors and managers. You will be expected to be both a role model and responsible for maintaining and preserving our company culture.