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Huffman Eye CARES

2019 Varsity Team Photo
We are proud supporters of the North Paulding Football team! Go Pack!

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January 2020


January is a special time!! Dr Vazquez celebrates ✌? years and our beloved Carlyn marked the big 5️⃣ years!!


It’s an honor and a privilege to do life alongside you dynamic ladies each day! So grateful to have you on our team! You make the lives of your patients and your teammates richer for your presence!

December 2019

angel2019 angeltree angel-tree angeltree2019 angeltree-dec angeltree-dec-2019 december2019

This was our first ever Angel Tree!

November 2019

HuffmanPrimrose2019 Huffman_Primrose Huffman_Primrose_2019 Huffman_Primrose_2019_22 Huffman_Primrose_2019_49 Huffman_Primrose_2019_87 Huffman_Primrose_nov_2019 Huffman_Primrose2019

Preschool screening at a local Primrose Preschool.

October 2019


Halloween 2019

June 2019

Huffman_Education_2019_56_opticalwkshp-5 Huffman_Education_2019_56_opticalwkshp-4 Huffman_Education_2019_56_opticalwkshp-6 Huffman_Education_2019_79_clinicalwkshp Huffman_Education_2019_82_clinicalwkshp Huffman_Education_2019_90_clinicalwkshp Huffman_Education_2019_91_clinicalwkshp Huffman_Education_2019_118_clinicalwkshp Huffman_Education_2019_146_clinicalwkshp Huffman_Education_2019_158_clinicalwkshp Huffman_Education_2019_149_clinicalwkshp Huffman_Education_2019_115_clinicalwkshp Huffman_Education_2019_56_opticalwkshp-7

Staff Education

May 2019

Dr-Briggs OptoMap-camera Dr-Briggs-letter OptoMap Dr-Briggsimage

Dr. Judson Briggs recently paid a friendly visit to our office to see our latest (and greatest!) “toy” in action! We recently added the #OptoMap camera to our ever growing list of tools to enhance our patient care.

This camera is special because it enables the doctors to capture an image of (nearly) the ENTIRE retina without having to be dilated!!!!! It’s a BIG DEAL, folks! Dr. Briggs was thinking about adding it to his own practice in Dunwoody and wanted to see how it worked for himself. We happily snapped our images and popped them up for review…

“Dr Briggs! You have a retinal detachment!” No need to explain to the DOCTOR how serious this is! He got lasered at Ga Retina the very next morning!

Retinal detachments are a big deal if they go undetected. There aren’t any pain receptors in your retina, so they can’t be felt, but some patients might experience some visual symptoms. Dr Briggs had NO IDEA his retina was torn and left unchecked might have come off without warning!!! If a retinal detachment isn’t repaired IMMEDIATELY the patient may never recover their vision!

Everyone was SO relieved when he sent word that his retina was saved! Needless to say, I think he’ll be adding it to his office! #optomapsavedtheday ask for your #optomap by name!

It was a shocking start to a happy ending!

December 2018


As a thank you for buying the lunch for the office, we presented Mr Tim with the first of its kind, Huffman Eye Care Christmas ornament when he picked up his glasses this morning. He was such a good sport about our picture taking.

The best thing about private practice is the amazing relationships we build with wonderful patients over many years. Thank you so much to all of the wonderful patients who have made this office so special!!

October 2018

huffman-family-anniversary IMG_7486 IMG_7485-1 IMG_7482-1 IMG_7480-1 IMG_7488 IMG_7481-1 IMG_7484 IMG_7483 IMG_7479 IMG_7478 IMG_7487-1

Huffman Family Eye Care 10th Anniversary

November 2018


We have the best patients! Miss Sally stopped by with flowers for Dr Vazquez as a thank you for a speedy diagnosis earlier this week that resulted in a sight-saving surgery. She got emergency surgery the same day!
“If it wasn’t for you, I would be blind in that eye now! Thank you so much!”
These are the moments that make our days so special!